The AIM System Portfolio

Innovation and technology expertise services and platforms, extended to you and your clients

Grow Your Bottom Line

Today, you can monetize opportunities, accelerate profitability, innovate and reduce costs. By joining AIM System, you are entering an ecosystem of innovation — one where you can create a smarter business, optimize cloud infrastructure and accelerate data insights and innovation. You don't have to do it alone, invest in huge operational cost to setup; AIM system is a ‘plug and go’ marketing solution for you.

Round Out Your Solution Portfolio

Leverage AIM System’s portfolio of innovative products, disruptive solutions and services to turn the company you're running today into the company you're building for tomorrow.

What is AIM System

Business Partner Program?

AIM System’s partner program empowers Business Partners with the tools and resources to help your clients drive traffic and better manage marketing efforts.


With its patent pending algorithm that automatically calculates sales performance for Business Partners, AIM System also provides a platform connecting our Business Partners to exclusive online and offline products, platforms and solutions, which they can immediately leverage on.


AIM System’s Business Partners will be able to access the AIM System platform to help their client drive more transactions and brand exposure.

An evolving partnership

Grow your bottom line and achieve greater marketing value and results and sales success as you advance through 2 program levels.

  • Digital Marketing Foundation (DMF)

  • Digital Marketing Certification (DMC)

An abundance of benefits

Enjoy a rich and flexible set of benefits to help you differentiate your business. You immediately gain access to over ten different online marketing education and training modules upon registration, with more to unlock as you advance in the program.

Here to help you grow

AIM System Business Partners enjoy an array of training and certification courses to make sure they are getting the most out of the system. Best of all, most of the sessions are either heavily discounted or free of charge.