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The Ideal Cloud-Based/App Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme Solution

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%

based on studies done by Bain & Company

Customisable to fit and work for small, medium or large enterprises

Retail, F&B and Club

Grow and nurture your loyal following of customers by offering them reasons, benefits, privileges, rebates and savings with our easy to implement and feature-rich solution.

Factors That Affect Customer Loyalty

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People have the need to belong to a community where they are valued and treated as such, especially with special privileges and benefits. Offer them a community.

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Offering savings, bonuses, and other forms of special attention to your loyal customers can not only keep them from going elsewhere but may be the reason they recommend you to their friends. Offer them rewards.


Convenience in knowing whether something is in stock, the latest offer or promotion, payment options before heading down to your storefront.


They may still prefer your product, but if they have to jump through hurdles, they might end up with your competitor. Offer them convenience.

Desert in Dark

Our Solution Can Now Be Tailored To Be Uniquely Yours Easily & Swiftly


  • Your Colour Themes 

  • Your Reward Rules 

  • Your Redemption List

  • Your Digital Voucher Denominations 

  • Your Offers

  • Your Preferred Popular E-commerce Platforms From Ready List

  • Your Messages And Your Branding Across Your Platform That Is Cloud-Based, Compatible With Any Smart Device That Each Of Your Customer Might Own 

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Customisation - Shopping & Travel


Get rebates when your users shop on most popular e-commerce platforms through you.

Booking Trips

Get rebates when your users book accommodation or flights on most popular platforms through you.

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Time Is Valuable.

  • Our Ready-To-Go Fully-Developed Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme Solution Can Be Up & Running For Your Business 

  • In As Little As 7 Days

Strong & Stability

  • A Fully Developed & Functioning Programme With A Robust Backend Engine Like This Is No Mean Feat!

  • Easily manage your content, get full analyze and sales data

Empowers Your Customers To SHOP, SAVE And EARN

Integrated with:

  • Ready list of popular e-commerce platforms, that allows your customer to earn reward points while shopping 

  • Reward points earned by your customer can redeem for your vouchers

  • Ready list of additional shopping vouchers from other merchants allowing your customer to redeem with their reward points (Optional)

  • Track your voucher of sales analytics in Real-Time

  • Through Banners, Video Ads, GIF Ad Sign-Ups

  • Through Promoting Your Suppliers / Associates

Rewards Programme
  • Reward your best customers to increase repeat visits and lifelong loyalty.

  • Get more positive reviews to improve your online presence and get found.

White-labeling Options
Business Solution

For Traditional Businesses, Start-Ups, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Influencers

Cloud-Based Solution – Mobile Responsive

Shopping - Pre-Loaded E-commerce platforms

Travel - Pre-Loaded E-commerce platforms

Redemption - Pre-Loaded vouchers

Promote – Available List

Additional: 10 X Customisable voucher

Payment Gateway Integration

User Wallets Integration

After 12 month: VX-POPBox Free Ad Credits US$500

Enterprise Solution

For Established Retail Businesses, Associations, Organisations, Private Clubs

Cloud-Based Solution – Mobile Responsive

Shopping – Select or Unselect E-commerce platforms

Travel - Select or Unselect  E-commerce platforms

Redemption - Select or Unselect vouchers

Promote – Select or Unselect

FREE - 10 X Customisable voucher under REDEMPTION

Payment Gateway Integration

User Wallets Integration

APP-Based Solution - IOS & Android

VX-POS Integration

After 12 months: VX-POPBox Free Ad Credits US$1,000

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