Business Partner Benefits

Unlock valuable benefits as soon as you join.

Get rewarded for your efforts to bring the best out of your business

More than just rewards

Our benefits are the key to differentiating your business. We're focused on providing you with the resources to help you help your clients thrive in the digital era. 

Here's what you get after joining AIM System:

Education and Training

  • Online Training
    Reduce your education costs and access the full suite of AIM System Digital Marketing training programs at a partner discount, to help build your sales, marketing and technical skills and capabilities.

Marketing and Selling

  • Sales Authorization and Assistance
    Subscribe to the AIM System platform at just US$10/month and become authorized to represent and get sales assistance.

Access and Exclusivity

  • Access to AIM System Algorithm
    Access to AIM System Algorithm platform that automatically calculate sales performance for Business Partners.

  • Business Partner Promotional Merchandise
    Receive AIM System negotiated rates and terms and conditions on promotional merchandise.